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le_repaire_de_ragnar Sebastien Ragnar

Vertaizon, France

The nordic tattoo art of Sebastien "le_repaire_de_ragnar" Ragnar

A French tattooist, painter, husband and father, “Ragner” found his love for the Nordic styles about 10 years ago, when visiting Sweden. Having a background in airbrush painting, as well as a love of textures and different materials, shifting art onto the skin of humans seems to have come as a second nature.

He still loves creating and working with a variety of mediums, sculpting and engraving.

He works from his studio near Clermont-Ferrand, in the centre of France, where he exclusively works on pre-booked projects, creating designs in tune with ancient cultures and heritage. While working with historical designs, he enjoys adding his own flair and style to his tattoos. He intends to spend the coming years serving his dedicated canvasses, as well as travelling to create and learn.

Meet Sebastien "le_repaire_de_ragnar" Ragnar

Sebastien "le_repaire_de_ragnar" Ragnar works in Vertaizon, France

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