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ullrs_blod Ullrs Blod

Copenhagen, Denmark

The nordic tattoo art of Ullrs "ullrs_blod" Blod

Anders, known as Ullrs Blod, has been fascinated by natural religions and their cultures, and has been especially mesmerized by the various arts and body arts, and how these aspects merged in time with the spiritual practices of these difficult cultures. Furthermore, he paid attention to the connection with these people’s highly developed athletic capabilities and the aspects of physical exhaustion, pain or other physical challenges, and how they were a part of spiritual practices and rituals. In 2014, he had a mind-altering experience after running up a mountain in Norway in 2014. He has been working academically, phenomenologically, cognitively, physically and spiritually on exploring these somehow forgotten and dislocated aspects of human nature.

Studying the ancient arts of stone carvings, cave paintings, inscriptions in pyramids of Meso-American cultures, woodcarvings, tattoos, clothing, tools, instruments and more, he began to reproduce and then produce symbols and signs on his own. He wrote his Bachelor’s degree on the topic “How humans are designed from nature to function and learn”, and dived deep into a physical practice based on “Natural movement”, but most important in this context were his studies and journey into becoming a hand poke tattoo artist. Anders is deeply passionate and rooted in the belief that a tattoo can be much more than an image on the skin. The idea that a tattoo holds the capability to be a carrier of intention and energy.

Meet Ullrs "ullrs_blod" Blod

Ullrs "ullrs_blod" Blod works in Copenhagen, Denmark

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