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void_vitriol Void Vitriol

Movaux, France

The nordic tattoo art of Void "void_vitriol" Vitriol

Void Vitriol practices a black work of medieval inspiration, tinged with occult, historical, esoteric or even religious references. A large part of his work as a tattoo artist is dedicated to the study and use of symbols (alchemical, occult, Nordic, religious, primitive, etc.). He works on their shape and appearance, always respecting their meaning and never twisting them. He also offers custom creation of Sigils or Talismans.His graphic approach is characterized by a meticulous work of textures and materials, for an uncompromising result, both raw and primitive, which he himself describes as “BRUTAL MEDIEVAL”.

Void Vitriol’s style pairs particularly well with runes and Norse symbolism. His runic projects are immediately recognizable by their dark and brutal appearance. Each of his runic ornamental compositions is custom made, it is the result of a personal exchange with the client about the deeper meaning of the project. This is meant to choose the best runes and symbols that will compose it as well as the way to link them. The quality, originality and sincerity of his work have enabled him to acquire a solid reputation,particularly within the Tattoo Nordic/Pagan scene.

Meet Void "void_vitriol" Vitriol

Void "void_vitriol" Vitriol works in Movaux, France

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